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2 years ago | 9 notes


Scott Lawrence será o nosso Doc!
Quem postou foi Frances Fisher, que é Maggie Stryder, no twitter! 
O que vocês acharam? 

Sobre Ele:

Scott Lawrence teve um monte de pequenas peças em um monte de filmes e programas de TV diferentes. Mais recentemente, ele estava em American Horror Story e Desperate Housewives. Ele também teve papéis em Avatar e A Rede Social. Estamos ansiosos para ver Scott Lawrence em The Host.

Via A Hospedeira
2 years ago | 102 notes


The Host - Official Trailer #1 - Stephenie Meyer Movie (2013) HD

One soul, the Wanderer, is fused with a captured human named Melanie Stryder, in an attempt to locate the last pocket of surviving humans on Earth.

2 years ago | 61 notes


Hunger Games fans who flock to theaters this weekend will also get a sneak peek at a very different kind of love triangle.

A teaser trailer for The Host, the film adaptation of the 2008 sci-fi romance novel by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, will unspool before The Hunger Games begins.

“It’s kind of an alien love story,” director Andrew Niccol tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, which features an exclusive first look at the film, due March 29, 2013.

Irish actress Saoirse Ronan plays Melanie, one of the world’s last remaining free spirits. As an alien named Wanderer assumes control of Melanie’s soul, Melanie’s remaining emotions still draw her to a handsome human named Jared (Max Irons).

Rounding out the cast: Diane Kruger, who plays Seeker, an alien sent to regulate the takeover of Earth’s population.

Author Meyer is a producer on the film, but Twihards take note: vampires and werewolves are nowhere to be seen in The Host.


Via 'The Host' Movie Fans
2 years ago | 43 notes

'THE HOST' movie trailer release


Thursday 3/22 at 5:30pm ET Yahoo! Movies is premiering the trailer for #TheHost

Via Caves Stories
2 years ago | 29 notes
Since some of you have asked, here’s your answer!

Since some of you have asked, here’s your answer!

3 years ago | 18 notes

The Host Movie to be Released March 2013

Deadline has published the official press release from The Host movie distributor, Open Road Films. This is the first official statement from any of the companies involved in making the movie that states that Saoirse Ronan has been cast as Melanie Stryder, so it appears her casting has been officially confirmed. The release also says that The Host movie is going to be release March 29, 2013. Finally, a definite date! Also, “principal photography is scheduled to being in February 2012 in Louisiana and New Mexico” so fans in Louisiana and New Mexico, get your cameras ready!

Click the link to read the press release and read more tidbits!